Step Up With Us!

Step Up With Us!

Stepping Up is on a mission to put shoes on kids’ feet. So many children in our own communities go without the basic comforts of knowing they have a safe home and loving parents, they can’t take their safety for granted. These children, like all children, deserve to have a happy childhood.

There are superheroes out there who take in these kids- Foster Parents. But not everyone can be a Foster Parent. There are many reasons it may not be possible for you to take these kids into your home, but you can always take them into your heart.

There are countless ways to support these children and the wonderful families that take them in. One of those ways is to help them get shoes. So many times, these children receive donations of old, dirty, worn out shoes. Shoes some other kid loved until they no longer fit. Well, the kids who get the hand me downs can tell the difference.

A new pair of shoes provided by Stepping Up may be the first pair of shoes this child receives that fit and have never been worn by anyone else.

Every dollar helps us put shoes on the feet of kids in need. Only have two dollars to spare? That’s okay! Believe it or not, with our team of professional bargain hunters (okay, as professional as you can get with that title…) We can sometimes get pairs of shoes for less than a dollar! But our standards don’t go down just to get a deal, they are new shoes for these kids to enjoy.