Podcast! Foster Chats available now!

Okay, so it’s been a while, I need to update this blog more. A lot of things have happened. I’m in the process of finishing 501(c)3 paperwork to make us an official nonprofit, yay! And with that we will move into a voucher distribution method, it’s still in the works. More on that later, a […]

Big News- Shoe Supplier!

Boy, do I have news for all of you! This past weekend, in a spectacular finish to 2019, we came across an amazing opportunity. The credit really goes to my mom, she heard about a shoe sale going on for a business moving location, so she went to see if we could snag any of […]

The Stepping Up Shop

Hello friends. You’ve probably noticed our nifty shop page here, where you can buy a right now small range of products to support Stepping Up For Foster Care. Well, I have news for you! We are getting new products coming SOON! I just updated our product list today to include some snazzy socks, be sure […]

Help us get more shoes!

The Payless store in American Fork is in its last week, nine days left! This is a great opportunity for us because the shoe prices are going to be at their LOWEST! I went today with what money I had from previous donations and I was able to get eight pairs of shoes. The prices […]

Latest Donation: Payless buyout

Last week I got to make another donation of shoes! Fifty six pairs from a closing Payless. The shoes were mostly women’s sizes and formal in style- perfect and just in time for prom season! With donations, I was able to walk into the store on their last day and buy every pair they had […]

Welcome to Stepping Up!

We have a brand new website and products you can buy to support the project and spread the word! This site will be changing and growing a lot in the near future, so be sure to come back for more opportunities to donate and help out kids. Our mission here is to make sure every […]