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The Stepping Up Shop

Hello friends. You’ve probably noticed our nifty shop page here, where you can buy a right now small range of products to support Stepping Up For Foster Care.

Well, I have news for you! We are getting new products coming SOON! I just updated our product list today to include some snazzy socks, be sure to check those out.

I’m working on a new line of products that will incorporate art made by some of the kids that Stepping Up was inspired by. The timeline on it is still too shaky for me to give out details, but stay tuned and I’ll post pictures when we have some of the art in the works.

Remember, Stepping Up is ENTIRELY volunteer-run, so every penny of profit on these sales goes right to furthering our mission.

Questions? Products you’d like to see? Did you buy something and like it? Comment to tell us about it, or message us on the contact page!

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