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Big News- Shoe Supplier!

Boy, do I have news for all of you! This past weekend, in a spectacular finish to 2019, we came across an amazing opportunity. The credit really goes to my mom, she heard about a shoe sale going on for a business moving location, so she went to see if we could snag any of them for Stepping Up. What happened next was a complete surprise.

Not only did we receive enough donations to buy 188 pairs of shoes, but we were able to form a partnership with the business owner. Her business had a need, and that need was a way to get rid of shoes when they were overstocked, or needed to make room for the new batches. Since we are willing to buy them in huge chunks, she has agreed to become our first real shoe supplier! We will be able to get these shoes for $1 a pair. This is an opportunity to stay stocked in shoes in a way that was just impossible before.

The shoes from this deal are, for now, women’s sandals, boutique-quality and adorable! At the new store location, however, I have word that there will soon be boys and younger kids shoes thrown into the mix. (And, of course, even with a supplier I will still be sniffing out any other great shoe deals I can!)

Because of this, we are updating our distribution method. My goal all along was to have a place for Foster Kids to come pick out their shoes, without having to worry about the price. I might not have a storefront just yet, but now that I have a consistent source, I have obtained a storage unit and sorted the shoes for as easy browsing as possible.

We will be distributing vouchers for families to bring their Foster Kids to get new shoes, and I am SO excited!

This is an amazing opportunity, right now my unit is stocked with 222 pairs of shoes, and we will be getting close to another 75 pairs in the next two weeks. In order to be able to continue to buy these shoes, and maintain the storage unit, please donate if you can. A $1 donation buys an ENTIRE pair of BRAND NEW SHOES for a child in need, so even if it’s all you can donate it will make a difference.

If you can, scheduling a monthly donation through the paypal link would be amazingly appreciated! You can also donate using my venmo, which is connected directly to the Stepping Up bank account- @Coral-Hayward

Also feel free to check out the Stepping Up store! There are only a few products, but they’re fun and a great way to spread the word. All profits go directly to Stepping Up.

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